Las Palmas

September 05, 2020

All the birds flew away while you were inside scrambling eggs and attending two pour-overs. I asked for the coffee with the clementine label and the tasting notes Mango and Milky Chocolate. It was the best Colombian we found all summer. We enjoyed its juicy, fruit-forward depth every morning after rolling out of bed and onto the hardwoods or off my side of the bed and onto yours, the sex always the same colour as that label – clementine kept – just adjacent to the lavender light of our morning bedroom, my eyes closed hearing everything take flight.

Ceilidh Barlow Cash always has.


Flora’s Promise to Lilith

September 30, 2020

When you fall I will open my arms
to catch you. I will not ask for your belief
or your faith only that you fall as long
and as hard as you need and bring whoever
will risk for you. I will open my arms
and when you are lonely with memories of
Eve I will grow you sweet pink roses and
forget-me-nots and when you are alone
against the angels I will turn buttercups
into sundew holding dewdrops on sword-
points and they will call you youth-wort
youth-grass and tell you to grow up and
turn back to missing Eden. But you will
not turn. You will hold onto Eve and the
day you mirrored her and you will be
the tree that refuses to thrive and become
timber because your roots will be held by
my hands and you will hold on and
you will be demoned and witched and
written obsolete rare but you will hold
on and you will fall in and out of love
and you will grow in damp places and
glitter in the sun. You will hold on and
Adam’s descendants will property my
earth my body will do to me what he
tried to do to you but you You will have
daughters and children who will not be
daughters and you will have to remind
them hold on there is so much to fight
for to fall for it is. Not over and someday
there will be a world
where you fall and you feel that I
have caught you.

Julia DaSilva is currently roaming the worlds in search of a fairy commune that will accept her as one of their own.