October 13, 2020

so that I could be like one of those mummies
those Palermo mummies in the city of Palermo
northeast coast, island of Sicily, country of Italy
Palermo city in the country of Italy, underground catacombs in the country of Italy
city of Palermo where they’re making experiments in love and
milk of magnesia and paraffin wax
and tucking you in, glass by the window,
southern exposure? your eyelashes keep the dust from your eyes
afternoon start to open, so beautiful
colours in plain cotton dresses so plain you wonder
who would be buried in these cotton dresses?
these dresses that are cotton and yellow and pink
that kept better than you did since
nobody loved you how these others were loved
or was it just paraffin wasn’t invented yet or
milk of magnesia, these miracle breakthroughs that don’t stop the yellow
but keep the skin soft and the flesh underneath it
keeps that one too
when you’re dead no one loves you if you
seem like you’re dead if you seem
like you’re making those changes

Andalah Ali knows where Sicily is.