Jan 27, 2019

I wanna inhale your chimney sigh.
It’s hard to come by a lullaby in elevated prairies.
allergy to dairy makes me want to love you harder

I wanna suck out your concentrate
Filet your roast bouquet
Squeeze out your love from buried pores.
Hurried, heavy, heaving lore written of us on untouched websites makes my skin crawl
To Nirvana.
Let’s say and do shit so fucking depraved that the Nuns and Rabbis of our youth disembowel each other and whisper apologies as their final breaths.
Let’s soil.

But what a feeling to bask in the calm and blue of dawn following it all.
To regain consciousness.
To realign sprawled.
To be certain of a certain type of certainty that certainly will never fall.
That will never fall.

Let this live on in such mundanity that dirty cups of coffee and subway ads make us smile
And remember how small we are
How stupid we are
How hard it is
How tired I feel
And how it couldn’t possibly get any better.

Ben R is trying really hard to be good at important things and stuff and is from Gormley Ontario.