the youtuber teaches how to build bridges
between analytic and intuitive halves 
of the brain but my eyes wander onto
my own reflection in the phone screen
…and that’s how you get mileage, build 
your intuition… sure mate I’ve held the pen
in hand for two hours, aching to scribe
a corner of this sunrise for a future book
on the intricacies of iterative poetry
there’s nothing novel about the constant
buzz of livelihood around. I wanna say
I’m seeking but I write grasping for…
a thought clawing itself onto a word
now coasting onto expression, footsteps
on the ash rind of memory. Ashen, like
greyscale, the brilliance of fire fermented
until neutral: you can paint landscapes 
with this! the Master painter says. Ashen
grey is how you can make colors pop

am living utterances of myself
in retrospect with a single sprinkler
tutting in the distance.

Khashayar Mohammadi‘s favourite childhood joke was shouting the number 83.