August 18, 2020

Cottonelle in Heaven
Sandpaper in Hell.

ATSUSHI IKEDA is the sound of a “hyper speed spaceship travelling through time really fast.”

August 31, 2020

Cod fritters ($17)
are a basket full of fries away
from being standard fish and chips.
I would have rather eaten at the chip truck,
but now we cut corn flatbread with obnoxiously large scissors
while two businessmen try to make a deal over sirloin.

This is a steakhouse yet you’re practically a vegetarian…
I don’t know why you brought me here.
They bring us a shot glass
full of cold soup and you munch on your Cod Fritters ($17)
and I remember that you’re paying the bill
so I order the Turbot Fillet ($55).

After, we went to go see a musical together
(we had each drunk a bottle of wine).
By the time we got to the theatre,
we both had to use the restroom
but the line for the women’s bathroom was too long.

So I made my way to our seats instead.

I sat in the correct one.

When he came back,
he didn’t recognize me.
He sat two seats over,
and when I pointed this out
he told me
he was waiting for someone.

Erika Dickinson is either having a second cup of coffee or lying in her bed taking her afternoon nap.